L81: Wooden Dolls House

L81: Wooden Dolls House
L81: Wooden Dolls House

Key data

Category: L - Layout

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 21

Number of unique pieces: 16


1 wooden house with: 2 piece roof, 1 pink door, 2 pink window shutters, 2 white windows

2 window boxes (boxed gardens for outside of house)

3 people

2 single beds with mattresses (can put together to make bunks)

1 table

2 chairs

1 sink with 2 green doors and red tap

1 oven with range hood

1 cabinet with 2 purple doors and shelves

1 set of drawers with 2 removable yellow drawers

1 toy box with yellow lid

1 purple side table with 3 legs

1 table lamp

1 cupboard with green door

1 ladder

1 clear Sistema box with lid for accessories


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